• HR Strategy and project readiness support

  • Indigenous & Community Engagement

  • Remuneration and labour analysis

What it means to be a miner is changing. The global mining industry is experiencing unprecedented change, demand for “critical minerals” has never been higher, operating environments are becoming more challenging, ESG and the competition for human capital is becoming one of the top issues faced by the industry today.

PeopleStart HR Consultants understand the unique challenges faced by mining and project development companies in the current market. We continue to grow and innovate to effectively address and improve outcomes for those challenges, through to innovative and practical HR strategies, our strong expertise, and our deep and inimitable investment in our client’s businesses, projects and people.

Our West Perth based HR  team have a proven track record of successfully supporting critical minerals technology, exploration and operational mining companies from fledgling beginnings through IPO into large-scale businesses, to meet their ongoing and evolving compliance, strategic, human capital, social, governance and operational requirements.

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PeopleStart HR consultants have a proven track record and have significantly reduced our clients labour costs and recruitment fees. Our HR consultants have many years experience in the mining industry and know the challenges small cap miners face when it comes to human resources and recruitment.

  • Organisational Design and Structure
  • Employment Contracts, Policies & Documentation
  • Compliance & Employment Law
  • Leadership Development
  • Project Manning and Recruitment of key personnel
  • Integrated HR Support

Ad hoc HR foundations support to assist with things like employment contracts, workplace policies, compliance issues, Fair Work queries and position descriptions.

Strategic HR Consulting where we build a robust HR framework that aligns with your organisational strategy and helps you to effectively manage employee attraction, retention and engagement.

Executive Search & Recruitment Structured process that covers attraction, recruitment and onboarding.

Detailed labour market analysis and feasibility study data to help you accurately understand projected labour costs and what is required to attract the necessary skilled workers for your next project.

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