Aptitude and Psychometric Testing

In conjunction with an interview, aptitude and psychometric testing can give you an accurate picture of a candidate’s potential to be successful in the role they are applying for.

PeopleStart offers a suite of aptitude and psychometric tests to help you make effective hiring decisions. Our tests are designed for the actual role in mind to ensure the skills and knowledge you are testing for are relevant to the position on offer and the organisation.

The aptitude & Psychometric tests we offer

Test Description
Cognitive ability test Hiring people with high cognitive ability leads to a significant increase in efficiency and a decrease in involuntary employee turnover.
Behavioural profile Hiring people whose behavioural profiles match the requirements of the position leads to improved communication, team cohesion, performance and effectiveness.
Cognify Hiring people who score well on Cognify are likely to be able to problem solve effectively, work well with numbers, process information quickly and accurately and demonstrate strong reading and writing skills.
Safety assessment Screening out high risk candidates can significantly: Reduce lost time in industries, lower workers’ compensation costs, reduce sick days and reduce the risk or personal liability for directors and senior managers.
Reliability scale Screening out candidates with lenient attitudes towards counterproductive behaviour leads to: Reduced shrinkage, reduced absenteeism, reduced ‘white collar’ crime, lower levels of inappropriate workplace behaviour and reduced involuntary turnover.
Emotional intelligence test People with high levels of emotional intelligence are better able to perceive, identify and manage emotions in themselves and others, making them more effective at achieving goals when emotional based information is important.
Skills tests Objective, standardised skills testing allows you to ensure a candidate has the core skills that are critical to the role. This adds more rigour to your recruitment process and helps you find your best candidates more quickly.
Personality type assessment Allows you to understand how someone will fit into your team, how they think and what motivates them.

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