Whether it’s compliance, employment contracts, HR risk management or systems implementation, PeopleStart are the experts at providing the right foundational HR elements that protect your business whilst reducing administration and overheads.

We help you to manage you’re your HR function by setting up the appropriate and compliant structures and systems to support your business.

We’ll help you to ensure your human resources framework is secure so you can focus on driving your organisation forward.

We can provide expert advice and support across:

Workplace Relations, Employment Law & Fair Work Advice

Our team are experts in the field of workplace relations and employment law. If you have any queries in relation to your staff group and their industrial award, the national employment standards, Fair Work, COVID, or any other legislation- we are on hand any time to answer your queries in a simple and pragmatic way that cuts through the noise and tells you exactly what you need to know without the ‘fluff’.

Employment Contract Review /Development

PeopleStart create (or review) tailored and comprehensive employment contracts specific to your business and employee group.

Unlike other ‘off the shelf’ templates delivered in bulk by our competitors, our employment contracts are thorough, comprehensive and protect the interests of the organisation.

Our team have an in depth understanding of employment law and a variety of industries, meaning our contracts are at absolute best practice and meet all legislative requirements providing the upmost protection for your organisation with the employers best interests in mind.

HR Policies

We believe policies are the foundation of the organisation and set the tone of the expected behaviours within the team. They are a tool which guide our management of people and reduce risk to the organisation of future claims.

We are proud of the depth and approach we take to policy development, and can develop or review policies that meet the unique needs of any business.

For every business we recommend these HR Policies:

  • Code of conduct
  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Fitness to Work
  • Bullying
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity
  • Whistleblower (if you have $1M AUD + revenue you need this legally)
  • Privacy
  • IT/Social media Use
  • Expense claims / travel
  • Motor Vehicle use (if you have staff/volunteers driving anywhere)

We keep all our clients updated with any legislative changes over time and update your policies as needed as we go.
Our standard approach is to put the policies into a handbook for easy distribution to your staff group.

Termination Advice

The termination process though simple in theory, can get complicated.

Sometimes we act as a soundboard on whether to terminate someone’s employment or consider another route. Other times we are there to explore the best approach to termination – performance manage out, redundancy, resignation, summary dismissal, garden leave and so forth.

We provide practical advice that clearly outlines the risk areas and potential cost with each approach, supporting on best practice processes and importantly – what would we do in your situation? After all, your business is our business, and we ensure that our advice is practical, simple, reduces risk and cost with the long-term future of the business in mind.

PeopleStart provide termination advice, termination documentation including letters, pay advice, support on how to reduce cost and risk, can attend termination meetings and work through mutual separation negotiations on your behalf.

We often provide advice on single termination processes, to full large-scale redundancies and organisation restructures.

Whatever your termination needs we have extensive experience in this space – with zero cases / claims for unfair dismissal since our inception!

Remuneration and labour market advice

PeopleStart provide remuneration information for a variety of roles and industries. This includes detailed information on market labour salaries, standard benefits, commissions, bonuses and other perks.

We can provide over the phone advice, or build detailed remuneration frameworks to ensure parity and equity across your organisation and increase talent attraction and retention through strategic reward programs.

Award classification

Whether it’s Mining, SCHADS, Clerks, Professionals or any of the industrial awards under Australian legislation, PeopleStart are well placed to assist with Award classification for your staff groups including assigning specific levels to employees to ensure wage compliance.

PeopleStart also conduct BOOT’s (better off overall tests) for employee group legally requiring this for salaried staff, such as those under the Mining and Clerks Award (a little known piece of legislation!)

Employee Performance Management

Whether it’s advice or coaching around a performance improvement process for an underperforming employee, building a performance development and appraisal process, learning and development program or leadership training, PeopleStart are best placed to support you.

We have extensive experience in the area of performance management and provide practical and customized advice and frameworks that best suit your organisation and aims. Learn More.

Enterprise Agreements

Whether it’s developing and negotiating the development of an Enterprise Agreement with your staff and union representatives, terminating an Enterprise Agreement or advising on whether an EA or common law contract is best suited to your business we can support.

Our Enterprise Agreement support not only includes the negotiation, development or termination/dissolution of EBA’s, but also review of industrial instruments, advice on payrates and conditions to assign ‘better off overall’ status, working with Fair Work and building collaborative and positive relationships and outcomes with nominated bargaining representatives and unions.

Workers Compensation & Injury Management

Managing the administration of workers compensation and injury management processes can be extremely time consuming and often frustrating. Our team is able to manage this process as your representative whilst also providing advice on the best course of action and options to consider around returning to work or termination risks.

Employee Onboarding & Background checks

PeopleStart are able to support in the timely management of:

  • Pre-employment checks; conduct reference checks, book pre-employment medicals and drug screens, conduct police clearances and background checks, obtain all staff qualifications, tickets and licences and assess/record work rights to ensure legal record keeping requirements.
  • Onboarding; manage the distribution / collection of Employment contracts, and HR Policies, issue of Fair Work Statement, collection of bank, superannuation, tax and emergency contact details to ensure a fast hiring and onboarding process.
  • Induction; we can support in managing and issuing inductions, recording employee attendance and acknowledgement or work practices including safety, code of conduct, harassment etc
Position Description, KPI’s and Goal setting

Job descriptions are a foundational HR item essential in the management of staff.

Our team are experts in the delivery of comprehensive position descriptions across all levels of the business including the development of core competencies and capabilities to drive success in the position, detailed responsibilities and areas, KPI’s (key performance indicators), attributes, qualifications and experience.

Position descriptions should be provided to all staff and can be used as part of a solid onboarding and performance management process which helps employees to understand the key focus of their role and what is required of them.

Regardless of whether we are on a regular retainer with our clients or they simply call us once a year with a question – we will always keep you updated with the legislation that you need to know as part of our tailored mailing list – and the regular contact you’ll have with your assigned HR manager.

Business Driven. People Focussed.

Our professional consultants have extensive industry experience and available to chat anytime. Reach out and we’ll happily answer your questions.